Cases We’ve Done

Highlighted cases:


  • Successfully tried a case in Gem County involving agricultural/residential land use, water access, and easements. Obtained a 5-0 decision by the Idaho Supreme Court affirming the trial result. Frost v. Gilbert (In re in Real Prop. In Gem Cnty.), 169 Idaho 250, 494 P.3d 798 (Idaho 2021).
  • Argued a challenge to a congressional redistricting plan before the Idaho Supreme Court. Pentico v. Idaho Comm’n for Reapportionment, 504 P.3d 376 (Idaho 2022).
  • Won a judgment at trial for full damages, attorney fees and costs, and interests for an out-of-state company in a dispute over the construction and installation of a prefabricated metal building. California All-Steel Carports v. Trabakoolas, Canyon County Case No. CV14-20-10249.
  • Successfully appealed the denial of an occupational license and obtained attorney fees and costs for the client. Abromeit v. Idaho Speech, Hearing, and Communication Services Board, Ada County Case No. CV01-21-7007.


  • Successfully argued and obtained a holding from the Supreme Court of the United States that OSHA (and similar government agencies) must obtain search warrants to search private business premises, including corporate premises. Marshall v. Barlow’s, Inc., 436 U.S. 307 (1978).


  • Obtained a five-figure settlement for his client in a wage and employment dispute with a regional hospital. Thompson v. Pocatello Hospital, LLC dba Portneuf Medical Center, Bannock County Case No. CV03-21-04106.
  • Negotiated a motor vehicle collision settlement which was 1900% greater than the insurance company’s initial offer. Eld v. Clucas, Ada County Case No. CV01-18-22267.
  • Successfully tried a complex family law matter in which he prevailed against an unfavorable expert opinion and obtained primary physical and legal custody as well as a substantial increase in child support. Alvarado v. Alvarado, Canyon County Case No. CV14-20-08507.
  • Has finalized several bankruptcies allowing his clients to discharge hundreds of thousands of dollars in both secured and unsecured debt.